Tax Preparation

In addition to financial planning, our firm provides tax preparation and planning. Our tax professionals are available to prepare your taxes and use a customized approach to tailor to each clients individual needs. 

Our tax services are available at your convenience and can be done either in the office, by phone or a virtual meeting. Give our office a call today to schedule an appointment.


2017 and 2018 Tax Year Fee Pricing:

$120 – Includes up to 4 W-2 Wage Statements.*

*Does not include Personal Expense Itemization.

 $220 – Includes Household and Personal Expense Itemization.

 $320 – Includes Household, Personal Expense Itemization and one of the following:

Self-Employment Income

Rental Income

$420 – Includes Household, Personal Expense Itemization, Investment Income and Rental Income.

$50 for each additional form

$100 for each additional Schedule

$100 for each additional State Returns

A fee of $100 will be charged for any tax return that has been started but not completed.

20% Surcharge will be charged if a tax document is delivered by March 22nd and requested to be filed before the deadline.

Additional fee will be charged if files are disorderly and unorganized. Fee based on intricacy of files.