Retirement Plan Consulting

Our firm provides retirement plan consulting services to employer plan sponsors on an ongoing basis. Generally, such consulting services consist of assisting employer plan sponsors in establishing, monitoring and reviewing their company's participant-directed retirement plan. As the needs of the plan sponsor dictate, areas of advising could include: investment options, plan structure and participant education.

What Is Included

Establishing an Investment Policy Statement

 Our firm will assist in the development of a statement that summarizes the investment goals and objectives along with the broad strategies to be employed to meet the objectives.

Investment Options

Our firm will work with the Plan Sponsor to evaluate existing investment options and make recommendations for appropriate changes.

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction

Our firm will develop strategic asset allocation models to aid Participants in developing strategies to meet their investment objectives, time horizon, financial situation and tolerance for risk.

Investment Monitoring

Our firm will monitor the performance of the investments and notify the client in the event of over/under performance and in times of market volatility.

*Pricing determined on complexity of service needed.

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